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Take a Tour of a Two-Story Spartan Manor Trailer

Shirley Wallace lived in this two-story Spartan Manor travel trailer from age three until she went off to college 16 years later in 1969.

Her father, Merrill Williams, was a finishing carpenter. His job took him all over California. When he moved, the trailer and his family came along.

1953 Two-Story Spartan Manor Trailer

He bought the aluminum, 40-foot trailer new in 1953. It was adequate for the family at first, but then Shirley and her sister grew too big to sleep on the couch in the living room. So in 1957 Merrill added a second story with two bedrooms for the girls.

1953 Two-Story Spartan Manor Trailer

At only 13 feet five inches high, the trailer would pass easily under freeway bridges…

Two-Story Spartan Manor Trailer
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