How To Blend Patch Panels Into Factory Body Lines

Patch Panel blended Into factory body lines
How To Blend Patch Panels Into Factory Body Lines

Over the past few months, Matt from Iron Trap Garage has been chipping away at the rust repair on Aaron’s 1930 Model A Roadster project.

One of the biggest battles in automotive restoration is the inconstancy of aftermarket patch panels. Almost all patch panels will be slightly different than the originals and they even tend to have differences side to side.

While this roadster isn’t going to be a full out show car, Matt wants the patches to give the appearance of original sheet metal. Matt walks us through the process of blending the body lines at the wheel arch between the patch panel and the original line.

The patch panel has a slightly larger body bead, which does not flow together well. Matt works his magic and gets the two flowed together nicely.