How to Detail Your Car Like a Pro in Minutes

The reason that we recommend a microfiber is that if used correctly, it will not scratch the surface of your ride. Don’t treat the microfiber towel like sandpaper — wipe gently, turning the towel over frequently – let the towel do the work. You won’t be adding any more shine or luster my rubbing hard, and even a microfiber can scratch your paint if you rub hard enough.

Just by turning the towel over frequently and wiping off any excess it will easily collect any dust, road grime or bug splatters. I usually concentrate on a concentrate on a 2-foot by 2-foot area at a time — the old cliche applies here — inch-by-inch life’s a cinch! Do your entire surface of the roof.

Next, let’s move down to the glass with your quick detailer / spray wax. Now, some of these products don’t work well on glass, but the good ones will, like our Body Shine Showroom Spray Wax. Spritz a little on the glass surfaces, then wipe with a microfiber towel. The microfiber will make it a snap to clean up any contaminants like bug splatter if you drove to the show, and they are highly absorbent to suck up any excess detail spray. Your quick detailer / spray wax will make your windows “pop”!

Now is the time to start with the front part of your ride. Start at the hood and continue to work your way down. After the hood is wiped off, I move to the front of the vehicle. Repeat the same process, paying particular attention to the nooks and crannies of the grill and other trim of the car, including the headlights and grill.

Staying with the front part of your ride, I then start on the front fenders. Repeat the same process. Don’t worry about any vinyl, rubber or plastic trim; I usually save that for last. Ensure that you hit the chrome with your quick detail / spray wax as well as any painted surfaces. At this point — take a step back, check it out and admire your work — things are starting to come together after only a few minutes!

Next, move to the back of the vehicle. Start on another big surface – the trunk lid. After the trunk is done — continue on to the rear of the vehicle, again doing all painted and chrome surfaces. Next, move on to the rear quarters. I usually then will do both doors and surfaces in between the front and back last.

Now is the time that you want to dress the rubber, plastic and vinyl trim on your ride. Again, I apply the product with an applicator instead of spraying it on — it saves clean up time. Don’t worry or fret if you get any of the dressing on the adjoining painted or chrome surface — just wipe it off with your microfiber towel!

After dressing the trim on the body of your ride, move to the wheel wells. Yes — the wheel wells. Use your dressing to spray under the wheel wells to get it to look like new. It will easily cover up any dust or dirt that you might have accumulated driving to the show or parking at the show and it will look like new! Next hit your tires. There is nothing better looking than fresh-dressed tires – remember – it is all about the details!

Again, I suggest dressing wiping the tires with an applicator for two reasons. First, you will minimize any clean up from overspray. Secondly, we all have personal preferences about shine and finish — wiping the product on will allow you to get the exact finish that you desire — the heavier that you apply it the shinier the surface.

As a last step, use your quick detailer / spray wax and microfiber towel on your rims/wheels. This last step allows you to wipe up any excess dressing off your wheels.

Take another break and step back and admire your work. Next — let’s look at the interior.

Start with cleaning the interior glass. If needed, use a streak free glass cleaner and a microfiber towel dedicated to cleaning glass. Remember to clean up any overspray on the dash and door panels. Using your microfiber towel, wipe any dust off the dashboard, rear deck lid and the rest of your interior trim.

After wiping the interior down, open the door and pay attention to the jambs. Using a quick detailer / spray wax, spritz the surfaces and collect any grime that might be present.

As a final touch, use an aerosol touch up dressing for hard to reach places, like our Dash Vent Magic to dress those hard to reach areas like the conduit that carries wiring for power windows and locks. It will make them look like new!

Open the hood and trunk and wipe down those compartments. Use your spray wax / quick detailer if needed. Pay attention to the seams where the hood and trunk meet the body — on both sides of the panels — remember – it’s all in the details!

Grab your lawn chair, get a cold beverage and admire your ride — and watch as everyone else does.

About the Author: Scott Ellis is from Jax Wax Distribution Systems and is responsible for distributing Jax Wax Car Care Products retail worldwide. Jax Wax Car Care Products are widely used in commercial businesses such as detail shops, body shops, and auto dealers. Jax Wax is now packaging its products in smaller quantities for the consumer market. You can get fast, commercial quality results by doing the detail work yourself. For more information, go to or call 877-7JAXWAX.

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