The Iconic HEMI Engine
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Understanding the Iconic HEMI Engine

If you are a car fanatic then you probably already know about all the hype that was created in the 50’s and ’60’s with the HEMI engine. Many people love the power that was created with the advent of this engine, and even though the HEMI engine is hardly used today, it will always be an icon in the automotive world. [More…]
Worlds Only Frank Lloyd Wright Service Station
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Frank Lloyd Wright Service Station

Frank Lloyd Wright Service Station. The R. W. Lindholm Service Station is still open and pumping gas. This unusual Phillips 66 service station is located at the corner of MN-45 and MN-33 in Cloquet, Minnesota. Erected in 1956, the building was the prototype for a service station design that … [More…]
Rides & Roadkillers

Rey Payumo’s 1963 Chevrolet Impala

Rey Payumo of Kailua, Hawaii found this 1963 Chevrolet Impala packed with junk in a garage in Hayward, California. Rey tells us “It had an previous restoration, the color used to be lowrider purple and it used to be totally lowridered out. After buying it, my lil’ brother Roy and I towed it South… [More…]
Front shot of Erin Francis' 1956 Ford F-100
Rides & Roadkillers

Erin Francis’ 1956 Ford F-100

Erin Francis of Langley, BC, Canada shared this 1956 Ford F-100 truck with us. Erin found the truck in Portland, OR in near stock condition. In just 5 months, the truck was restored and modified with independent front suspension and a four-link rear with coil overs on all corners, plus some more custom touches. [More…]
Jiggs' 1947 Ford Pickup
Rides & Roadkillers

Jiggs’ 1947 Ford Pickup

Danny Love shared this story and photos with us ~ This pristine 1947 Ford Pickup belonged to his Dad (aka Jiggs) Danny tells us that he remembers standing up as a young boy in the front seat just to be see out of the windshield. Danny is 54 years old now and says that he “can’t hardly… [More…]