16 Unbelievable Classic and Vintage Vehicles

16 Unbelievable Classic and Vintage Vehicles

16 Unbelievable Vintage Vehicles including the 1960 Pininfarina X, the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone, the Stout Scarab, and other unique vehicles…

Featured Vintage Vehicles:

#16 00:06 Mike Vetter Extra Terrestrial Vehicle (ETV)
It took Vetter six months to perfect the vehicle, The asking price is an astounding $100,000.

#15 00:41 Dodge Deora
The 1967 Dodge Deora is a creation of the Alexander Brothers from Detroit. It was unveiled at Detroit’s Autorama in 1967, where it won nine awards including the highly- prestigious RIDLER AWARD. The Deora is based on the compact Dodge A100 pickup.

#14 01:27 Dymaxion car
In 1933, the American inventor and architect Buckminster Fuller designed a prototype car which he called the Dymaxion car, the name is derived from an acronym, DY (dynamic), MAX (Maximum) and ION (tension).

#13 02:07 1947 Norman Timbs Special
No other automobile looks like this, with its front-mounted cockpit and curves leading to a raindrop tail. Timbs, an Indy racing engineer, made the car with a Buick Straight 8 engine placed at the rear of the chassis. Look to racers like the 1937 Auto Union Type C for indications of Timbs’ inspiration.

#12 02:51 TASCO 1948
Inspired by an airplane, Tasco is an American sports car with a T-top roof and a cabin that is surrounded by fiberglass. The engine of this car is not anything an engineer would readily understand, but it’s got the power and that’s all that matters.

#11 03:35 Messerschmitt KR200
Also called the Cabin Scooter or Kabinroller in German, the Messerschmitt KR200 is what is known as a bubble car, which is just a smaller, economy microcar usually referring to cars made during the 50 and 60s.

#10 04:10 Stout Scarab
Manufactured in the 1930s and early 40s by William Stout, a former executive at Ford Motors, the Stout Scarab is a product of American Automotive Engineering.

#9 04:45 1953 General Motors Firebird 1 XP-21
The 1953 General Motors Firebird I XP-21 was an actual jet fighter, with four wheels, a tail fin, and a bubble cockpit. The turbine engine spun at up to 26,000 rpm to generate a whopping (for the time) 370 horsepower.

#8 05:33 Citroen Centipede
The Citroen Centipede Is A 10-Wheeled Tire Testing Monster
In 1972,

#7 06:18 Ferrari 512 S Modulo
YES FERRARI. No matter how weird a car is designed, if it comes from the Italian car maker Ferrari, it sure stirs some excitement. The car has no doors and uses a canopy styled roof to make up for that provision.

#6 06:59 Cadillac Cyclone [1950]
Called “The Cyclone”, this concept car produced by Cadillac in 1959 was heavily influenced by 1950’s aeronautical and aerospace design.

#5 07:42 Peel p50
Also, a 3 wheeled microcar is the Peel p50, which was manufactured during the years of 1962 to 1965. According to the Guinness World Records, the p50 is the smallest production car that has ever been made, and you could really tell that just by a glance.

#4 08:24 Golden Submarine
If any single image could highlight how much racing has changed, and yet how much it has stayed the same in nearly 100 years of motorsport, this might be it.

#3 09:14 Tramontana R
Like any other super-sport car, the R as its popularly known was designed not only for racing but also for real-world driving. For you to own it, you must be rich as well as lucky because only 12 of its kind are produced each year.

#2 10:03 1960 Pininfarina X
Created by the Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina, the X was inspired by the space race. The X is by far the most sought after. Its Concept was 50 years ahead of its time.
Recently at the Barrett Jackson auto auction, one sold for over $300,000.

#1 10:41 Splinter
The world’s only wooden supercar is aptly named Splinter. It probably smells like Lemon Pledge. It was created by Joe Harmon and it is built using only the best composite construction supplies. It is inspired from the De Havilland Mosquito, a World War II airplane.

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