Understanding Torque Converters
Automotive Basics

Torque Converters ~ Understanding and Troubleshooting

Torque converters are a type of fluid coupling which transfers rotating power from a prime mover, like an internal combustion engine, to a rotating driven load. In a vehicle with an automatic transmission, the torque converter connects the power source from the load. [Read More…]
Install Transmission Temperature Gauge
How To & DIY

How To Install A Transmission Temperature Gauge

A Transmission Temperature Gauge allows you to monitor the operating temperature of your transmission by measuring the transmission fluid’s temperature. Overseeing these temperatures assists in ensuring that your transmission does not overheat causing major damage. [Read More…]
How It Works - Automatic Transmission
Automotive Basics

Understanding Automatic Transmissions

Most vehicles sold in the United States since the 1950’s have had automatic transmissions. The vehicle’s gearbox is able to change the gear ratios automatically as the vehicle moves. This then allows the driver to be [Read More…]
Transmission Cooler Install
How To & DIY

How To Install a Transmission Cooler

Adding an aftermarket transmission cooler to your hot rod, car or truck is always a good idea. Here are some tips: Always mount the cooler in a place that has good air flow, When Installing coolers make sure lines are clear of anything that can rub them and always use line that… [Read More…]
Transmission Mount
Automotive Basics

Understanding Transmission Mounts

In the pursuit of improving the way cars are built, the automotive industry introduced several applications that are out of plain sight but have proven to be quite effective given their respective purpose. One such of example of often ignored parts is the transmission mount. [Read More…]