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Search New, NOS, Used and Salvaged Air Intake and Fuel Delivery Parts and Accessories for Vintage and Classic Cars, Trucks and Hot Rods. [Read More…]
Throttle Body Fuel Injection
Automotive Basics

Understanding Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injectors have totally replaced carburetors that were once used for fuel delivery. Fuel injectors are part of a computerized system that sprays the fuel into the combustion chambers at regular intervals – whereas carburetors will use a vacuum to pull the fuel into the engine’s combustion chambers. [Read More…]
Fuel Filter
Automotive Basics

Understanding Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are found along the fuel lines, either in the engine compartment or near the fuel tank. The fuel filter’s job is to trap large particles in the fuel and stop them from getting into the engine. [Read More…]
Benifits of Fuel Injection
Automotive Basics

Understanding the Benefits of Fuel Injection

Fuel injection is an electronic system which injects fuel into an engine to burn. Nowadays, fuel injectors have become the primary fuel system in automotive engines. Earlier, carburetors were used in place of fuel injectors. In simple words, fuel injectors provide a way for fuel into an engine’s combustion chambers. [Read More…]
Mechanical Fuel Pumps vs. Electric Fuel Pumps
Technical Info

Mechanical Fuel Pumps vs. Electric Fuel Pumps

A fuel pump is a basic essential component that is a part of every vehicle. Fuel has to be pumped from the fuel tank to the engine, and it has to be delivered under low pressure to the carburetor. There are two different types of fuel pumps, mechanical and electrical, but mechanical is quickly dying out. [Read More…]