Rat Rod Interior Ideas

Rat Rod Interiors and Ideas

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Truck Bed Treatments
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Truck Bed Treatments and Ideas

Truck Beds ~ Step-side, Fleetside, Flatbed and Others ~ are the tool of the truck. And arguably one of the best ways to personalize or customize your hot rod or custom truck.   Also of [Read More…]
How To Chop a 1947 Buick Sedanette in Two Minutes
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How To Chop a 1947 Buick Sedanette in Two Minutes

It took Kjetil Kvipt and his crew of Norwegian Coupe Devils car club members 9 hours to chop the top on Hans Ola Christensen’s 1947 Buick Sedanette… This video was compiled by Kustomrama and sums [Read More…]
GM B-Body Chassis Narrowing for Body Swap
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How To Narrow a GM B-Body Chassis

The General Motors 4th Generation B-Body Platform is perfect for a lot of 40s, 50, and 60s cars and trucks, except… its frame rails are too wide for most of these Classic vehicles. The tins [Read More…]
Shift Knobs
Technical Info

Shift Knob / Shift Handle Thread Sizes

Shift Knob and Shifter Handle Thread Sizes may vary depending on make, model and trim package of a vehicle. The shift knob thread size information provided below is as accurate as possible and should be [Read More…]
DIY Powder Coating at Home
How To & DIY

How To Powder Coat At Home

Using an Eastwood HotCoat Powder Coating Gun to demonstrate how to properly clean and powder coat paint a machined aluminum part. In addition to powder coating a sample part, video includes an overview tutorial of powder coating equipment, tips, tricks and more. [Read More…]
How To Make Marine Style Louvers with Simple Hand Tools
How To & DIY

How To Make Marine Style Louvers with Simple Hand Tools

A demonstration by Per, aka Metalman Sweden, making marine style or “boat inlet” shaped louvers with only simple hand tools… Also of Interest: Custom Center Console from Scrap Cab Corners Barn Door Tailgate ~ Project: [Read More…]
Welder Series Step Notch Full Assembly
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How To Install a Universal Rear Step Notch Kit

The Welder Series Universal Rear Step Notch Kit is easy to assemble and install. The pieces fit together using alignment tabs to make clamping and welding a breeze. These kits are typically used in the custom car, truck and mini truck market to drop the frame past the rear axle. [Read More…]
1959 Chevrolet Apache 4WD - B-Body Chassis Swap
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1959 Chevrolet Apache Sleeper ~ B-Body Chassis Swap

The gentleman that purchased the 1959 GMC Fleetside, our first B-Body chassis / body swap came back to us an basically asked for a clone.   He brought us a running 125K mile Chevrolet Caprice [Read More…]
1950 Chevrolet Styleline
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Arizona Window Delete on a 1950 Chevrolet Styleline

Arizona. They don’t need no stinkin’ windows. At 300+ sunny days a year, windows are usually down in older and classic rides without air-conditioning. In the life with its current owner, this 1950 Chevrolet Styleline never saw its windows closed. The solution, an Arizona Window Delete. [Read More…]
Chassis Body Swap
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Chassis / Body Swaps ~ An Overview

Classic and Custom Chassis / Body Swaps ~ An Overview of Swapping Your Classic Car, Truck or Custom Body to a Late Model Chassis and Drivetrain… [Read More…]
Paint a Car at Home
How To & DIY

How To Paint A Car At Home In 4 Easy Steps

Learn every step to paint a car at home from bare metal to color sanding and buffing. We teach you how to block sand, how to apply body filler, how to sand body filler, how to spray primer, how to spray high build primer, how to sand primer, how to spray basecoat with an HVLP paint gun, how to spray clear and how to color sand and buff to get a perfect finish. We even show you all the tools you need to paint a car. [Read More…]