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Search New, NOS, Used and Salvaged Charging and Starting System Parts and Accessories for Vintage and Classic Cars, Trucks and Hot Rods. [Read More…]
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Lead-Acid Batteries Vs. Deep Cycle Batteries

All batteries are not created equal. There are two common types of batteries in use today, lead acid and deep cycle batteries. What is exactly is the difference, and what are they used for? Find out here. [Read More…]
Understanfing Alternators
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Understanding Alternators – How To Test and Troubleshoot

When most people think of the engine, they do not take into consideration the importance of alternators. The alternator is one of a few indispensable auto performance parts that the engine cannot run without. [Read More…]
Technical Info

Alternator Wire Gauge Chart

Any time you upgrade your alternator you should strongly consider upgrading the gauge (size) of the wire that charges that battery as well as the fusible link in case of a short. [Read More…]