1939 Plymouth Air Radial Truck

1939 Plymouth Air Radial Truck

Colorado Auto & Parts is home to the famous “Plymouth Air Radial Truck” — A 1939 Plymouth PT-81 truck with a seven-cylinder, air-cooled, radial engine from a 1954 Cessna 195 Airplane

  • 757 Cubic Inches – Bore: 5.25″ Stoke: 5″ – 6:1 Compression
  • 300 hp @ 2,200 RPM Full Throttle
  • 2,200 RPM True Stall Torque Converter
  • Th400 automatic Transmission
  • Casale V-Drive
  • Franklin Quick Change Rear End

1939 Plymouth Air Radial Truck

1939 Plymouth Air Radial Truck Interior

First Test Drive in the 1939 Plymouth Air Radial Truck

Dropping a 12.4 litre Jacobs R-755 radial aircraft engine into a 1939 Plymouth pickup truck is no small task, but one that was perdfermed by the Corns family of Colorado.

1939 Plymouth Air Radial Truck

The project for the radial-engined truck began years ago when Gary Corns bought the beat up old 1939 Plymouth from a regular customer. It sat for over 30 years as they worked on other projects and ruminated over what they should to with it — until one day when Corns senior found an old seaplane in a nearby airplane wrecking yard that still had its Jacobs R-755 radial engine bolted to the front.

1939 Plymouth Radial Air – Jay Leno’s Garage

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