How To Measure Wheel Back Spacing

How to Measure Wheel Back Spacing

Back Spacing is a measurement taken from within the inside of the rear side of the wheel. This measurement is important to be sure you have proper wheel clearance for your specific car before purchasing new wheels, wheel spacers and wheel adapters.

Things You’ll Need to Measure Wheel Back Spacing

  • Tape Measure
  • Flat yardstick (or similar item with a flat edge, at least as long as the wheel from end to end.


How to Measure Wheel Back Spacing


  • Step One

    Lay the wheel on a flat surface, front side (outside wall of tire) facing down.

  • Step Two

    Lay the yardstick across the top of the rim, from one side to the other. If there is a tire on the wheel you must then lay a flat edge the correct size of the rim, from one side to the other, which will lay flat onto the edge of the rim, not the tire.

  • Step Three

    Measure the distance from the inside mounting surface of the wheel, where the lug nut holes are, which sits against the wheel hub on the car, to the lower edge of your flat ruler/stick lying across the top edge of the rim.

In the video below, Weld Racing demonstrates how to measure back space on a wheel. Using a straight edge ruler and a ruler or tape measurer, you can get an accurate measurement of your wheel/rim back space….

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