Motor Mount Considerations
Builds / Projects

Hot Rod and Custom Motor Mount Considerations

There are many factors that affect the location of the motor in a hot rod or custom car or truck chassis: Plan ahead. The tech session produced several points to consider when mounting a motor in a hot rod or custom car or truck project… [Read More…]
Automotive Circuits 101
Automotive Basics

Automotive Electrical Circuits 101

Two Guys Garage co-host Kevin Byrd discusses “Circuits 101″… Also of Interest: How To Wire Your Hot Rod How To Wire Hot Rod Lights How To Wire Hot Rod Turn Signals Guide to Wires and [Read More…]
Exhaust H-Pipes vs X-Pipes
Technical Info

Exhaust H-Pipes vs. X-Pipes: What You Need to Know

In this video, Summit Racing technical adviser Carl Pritts explains the differences between H-pipes and X-pipes and their effect on exhaust scavenging and performance. Carl also provides insight on mounting considerations and when you may [Read More…]
Shift Knobs
Technical Info

Shift Knob / Shift Handle Thread Sizes

Shift Knob and Shifter Handle Thread Sizes may vary depending on make, model and trim package of a vehicle. The shift knob thread size information provided below is as accurate as possible and should be [Read More…]
Technical Info

Classic Vehicle Identification

Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler DeSoto Dodge Ford Henry J Hudson Kaiser / Frazer Lincoln Mercury Nash Oldsmobile Packard Plymouth Pontiac Studebaker Volkswagen Willys More Vehicle Identification on Pinterest Also of Interest: Popular Automatic Transmission Identification [Read More…]
Wheel Tire and Fender Fitment
Technical Info

Wheel, Tire and Fender Fitment Calculator

Wheel and Tire Technical Information – Calculate Wheel Fitment, Tire Stretch and Rolling Radius. Includes Speedometer Error Calculator. Play with specs, try different settings and combinations, compare results… [Read More…]
Hot Rod Technical and Reference Information
Technical Info

Automotive Technical and Reference Information

Our automotive technical and reference resources are here to make your life easier — to help you find answers faster. From decimal/fraction charts to interactive…
Making Sense of Synthetic Lubricants
How To & DIY

How To Make Sense of Synthetic Lubricants

All of us have seen countless ads telling us to change our engine oil every 3000 miles. But what are we to believe? Or more relevant, what is right for you? This article has the facts about synthetic oils, petroleum based oils, and additives so that you can make an informed decision about what is right for your cars. [Read More…]
1946-53 American Classic Car Technical Sheets

1946-53 American Classic Car Technical Sheets

The following American Classic Car Technical Sheets show exploded views of all major body parts and the corresponding OEM part numbers and frame dimensions. 1946-49 models also include electrical wiring diagrams. This information is invaluable [Read More…]
Automotive Batteries
Technical Info

Lead-Acid Batteries Vs. Deep Cycle Batteries

All batteries are not created equal. There are two common types of batteries in use today, lead acid and deep cycle batteries. What is exactly is the difference, and what are they used for? Find out here. [Read More…]
Determine Chevrolet Water Pump Type
How To & DIY

How To Determine Your Chevrolet Water Pump Type

The quick and dirty way to determine if you have a long or short water pump is to try and stick your fingers behind the timing cover, you can not with the short pump. A more accurate way is to measure the shaft. [Read More…]
Tire Change - Speedometer Change Calculator
Technical Info

Tire Change / Speedometer Change Calculator

This calculator is designed to give information related to tire size changes and the general impact they have on the calibration of a speedometer. It determines speedometer error and tire size information based on published [Read More…]